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Hello! I'm Jane. 

I'm here to relieve suffering on this earth in as many ways as I possibly can. 

I use meditation, yoga, Reiki and the Akashic Records as my tools to support the evolution and transformation of those who choose to work with me.

I work with driven visionaries who yearn to excavate their most authentic selves, unearth their intuitive gifts and live a life of true freedom. It is my goal to help create as many human light houses around this earth as possible. By supporting those individuals who are bringing more light and warmth to this planet, together we can create a web of light that liberates this earth.

My mission is to be the person that I needed back when I started my journey of recovery and spiritual growth. I'm here to serve in any way possible, from my heart with love. 

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My Services


1:1 Mentoring

My most transformative offering:

1:1 Mentoring with me SANCTUARY: my 12-week Spiritual Development program. This transformational journey is only for those who are serious about working with me to expand and evolve themselves as we walk the path of spirit together. 

Click here to read more about the Sanctuary Program.

Find clarity, guidance and wisdom through the Akash:

Explore the wisdom that is held in your Akashic Records - your personal library of your souls' past, present and future lifetimes. These readings are for providing clarity around confusing issues that may come up in your life, your work, your relationships and even your ancestry and past lives. This modality of intuitive healing will not only bring incredible clarity to whatever is on your mind right now, but it is also massively healing in each moment that we surrender to the unconditional love and compassion that the Master, Teachers and Loved Ones have for us. 

Book a sessions: 60 minutes $88

Quantum Akasha Package: $380 (five sessions).

Deep relaxation and energy healing:

Reiki energy facilitates the healing of emotional of physical wounds, as well as restoring your vital energy and releasing old densities that no longer serve you. Reiki energy is simply the healing energy of the universe that I harness and channel through my body into yours. This practice takes us much deeper than any three-dimensional healing facilitation can go. It will leave you feeling incredibly rested, refreshed and ready for what's next. As of right now, I am only seeing in-person Reiki clients by appointment. 

Contact me to book a session: 60 minutes $75

Virtual Self Healing Reiki 

While I'm all about remote Reiki Healing, I believe that one of the most important aspects of the Reiki practice is learning intuitive touch and caring for oneself. That is why I created Self-Healing Sessions - I take you through my very own personal Self-Healing Reiki practice that includes breath work, visualization, meditation and of course, hands-on energy healing. This practice is recommended for intermediate to advanced meditators who are ready to upgrade their self-care. Your first session will be basics of self-healing. Each session becomes more advanced as you master these skills which is why I offer a special four-session package so that you can really commit to your own energy mastery.
Book a session: 60 minutes $65 

Self-Healing Mastery Package: $240 (four sessions).

Private Guided Meditation Experiences

Guidance & Inspiration

Guiding meditation is easily where my genius lies. I've been teaching meditation for four years and one of my favorite things has become facilitating deep group experiences. Want to go into deep relaxation? Learn visualization? Or simply learn basic meditation techniques that will change your life? I'm your girl. You can book 1:1 Guided Meditation with me privately, or hire me to facilitate and experience with your group! 

Contact me to book a Meditation Experience.

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Winter offering: 
Sunrise Yoga on Zoom!

Join me for weekly yoga - from anywhere in the world. These one hour classes are all-levels and may cause side-effects of a quieter mind, more strength & flexibility and a stronger sense of loving-kindness towards yourself and others.


Guided Meditation Downloads



"I can’t thank you enough for the grounding, the clarity and the hope you’ve gifted me through your gifts of channeling and entering that sacred space with me. I woke up two days in a row now (after our call) with optimism and excitement for the day to come. It’s been awhile. I feel myself coming home. Thank you for being a guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Jane is extremely talented at what she does, you can tell she is passionate about the work and helping others. Recently I’ve been dealing with debilitating morning sickness. The thing they don’t always tell you about morning sickness is it can be 24/7 and that unfortunately was my experience. Barely able to keep food or fluids down I was deteriorating quickly and knew I needed some help. Jane came to my home and set up a mini sanctuary for me, helped me to meditate and treated me to reiki. I felt an instant calming, healing, nurturing energy that my body had been craving. She helped bring my my body mind and soul back into balance and I felt whole again. Later that day I actually had an APPETITE and ate a full meal which seems simple but meant EVERYTHING to me after weeks of feeling awful. I’ve decided that Reiki with Jane is going to become a regular thing for me to help me through this journey and in my future. I am so grateful for her in my life."

"I found reiki extremely beneficial after my hip surgery. Janey came to my house and used gentle energy work to help loosen up my joints, and move energy where it was needed.  After our sessions I felt so much relief in my hip and back.  The relaxation feeling once she leaves lingers.. I would highly recommend reiki with Jane for anyone that has injuries!"

"Jane is my great support system. I usually attend her Reiki sessions at least once a month to feel grounded and receive some clarity. After joining her one hour [Self-Healing] session, I learned techniques I can do on my self to help my self feel grounded once again. I was a bit skeptical doing a session via webcam but I came to find out how strong all of our energies really are and having Jane guide and support me through  my healing session was very powerful. I can now take what I’ve learned from her and do them on my self as well as continue joining her Reiki sessions for extra support."

"I have had the pleasure to do a few Reiki sessions with Jane so far and am definitely hooked. Jane has a genuine, warm and caring energy. Every time she worked on me I was I different person afterwards, her work is very special and magical. Every time, she dissipated all my pain and anxiety and I felt all the release she facilitated me. I am grateful to have Jane doing the work she does, because her services are so needed in today's world."

"Jane’s reiki session helped me open up for what’s next in life. She opened my heart and allowed my body to shed past realities and become energized for the new. I feel light and delighted!"

"Thank you Jane!! Today was such an eye opening experience for me. I felt re-energized and capable for the first time in quite a while. So thank you for your time and talents! 
I am definitely going to get that book. Thank you for the recommendation."

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Reiki Healing Facilitation

Allow me to be your spiritual friend on the journey to awakening your higher Self.

Reiki Healing Facilitation is my very favorite way to invite my clients into a sacred, safe, one-on-one space where we can explore your energetic body. Reiki energy facilitates the healing of emotional of physical wounds, as well as restoring your vital energy and releasing old densities that no longer serve you. Reiki energy is simply the healing energy of the universe that I harness and channel through my body into yours. This practice takes us much deeper than any three-dimensional healing facilitation can go. 
I book sessions Tuesday-Saturday at Natural Law Apothecary in downtown Salt Lake City.

Book a 1:1 session with me here.

Prayer Candles

Welcome to the mystical world of your Akashic Records.

Welcome to your soul's library of past, present and future lifetimes. All of the wisdom, guidance and healing that you could possibly need is available to you right here in the realm of your Akashic Records. 

All I need is the permission to open your records and become the channel to speak to you through the Lords of your Records. All you need to do is open yourself up to fully receiving this experience.

Here are a few things that we can work on inside of your Records:

Showing you a clear path towards your purpose and your gifts. 

Clearing up any confusion in your relationships with others. 

Helping you to see yourself and your magic more clearly. 

Healing ancestral lines and trauma that influences and blocks you in this current life. 

Working through and explaining the reason for mental illness, phobias, unknown traumas and other past life experiences that are holding you back in this current life.  

Guidance on your next career moves, business goals and how to uncover your true purpose. 

Practices that are created just for you, your healing and your expansive embodiment. 

I absolutely love doing this work because the possibilities are ENDLESS. If I don't have an answer for the issues you're experiencing right now, we can be sure that the records will have some very clear wisdom and knowledge to show you. 

No matter what your reason and intention for this reading, just feeling your soul being illuminated by the records, experiencing the unconditional loving energy of your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and especially, seeing yourself through the eyes of the Lords of the records, is simply a healing experience in and of itself. 

I welcome you to come and play with me here, open yourself up to all possibilities that are available to you in this field, and receive in ways that you have never received before. 


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