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Welcome to the mystical world of your Akashic Records.

Welcome to your soul's library of past, present and future lifetimes. All of the wisdom, guidance and healing that you could possibly need is available to you right here in the realm of your Akashic Records. 

All I need is the permission to open your records and become the channel to speak to you through the Lords of your Records. All you need to do is open yourself up to fully receiving this experience.

Here are a few things that we can work on inside of your Records:

Showing you a clear path towards your purpose and your gifts. 

Clearing up any confusion in your relationships with others. 

Helping you to see yourself and your magic more clearly. 

Healing ancestral lines and trauma that influences and blocks you in this current life. 

Working through and explaining the reason for mental illness, phobias, unknown traumas and other past life experiences that are holding you back in this current life.  

Guidance on your next career moves, business goals and how to uncover your true purpose. 

Practices that are created just for you, your healing and your expansive embodiment. 

I absolutely love doing this work because the possibilities are ENDLESS. If I don't have an answer for the issues you're experiencing right now, we can be sure that the records will have some very clear wisdom and knowledge to show you. 

No matter what your reason and intention for this reading, just feeling your soul being illuminated by the records, experiencing the unconditional loving energy of your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and especially, seeing yourself through the eyes of the Lords of the records, is simply a healing experience in and of itself. 

I welcome you to come and play with me here, open yourself up to all possibilities that are available to you in this field, and receive in ways that you have never received before. 


I can’t thank you enough for the grounding, the clarity and the hope you’ve gifted me through your gifts of channeling and entering that sacred space with me. I woke up two days in a row now (after our call) with optimism and excitement for the day to come. It’s been awhile. I feel myself coming home. Thank you for being a guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Jane exudes the most beautiful and radiant love! My nerves vanished and it was as if I had known Jane my entire life (or lifetimes)! The level of skill, the joyous effort, the abundance of love and genuine kindness Jane possesses is truly amazing. She is a gifted and highly realized practitioner who has dedicated years of her life and the entirety of her body and soul to achieve such wisdom and strength.I realized that up until now, I had never given myself such an amazing gift.


Thank you Jane!  You are a beautiful Akashic Record Reader. A brilliant channel. I could tell you were very tapped in because I would have a thought, and your thoughts would be redirected. Instantly. It truly felt like I was speaking to you, and through you, through the Akash.I myself do plenty of inner child and shadow work healing on my own and still need others to guide me, reflect and hold space for me to dive deeper and deeper into those layers and you did that beautifully. Thank you so much I needed the healing tears.  The imagery was exquisite and even though we went over time, it didn’t feel like a long time and yet we journeyed through lifetimes. I appreciate that you were so tapped in you lost time which is exactly how it works. Thank you for allowing that. Thank you for helping me experience this way of healing, prayer, and meditation. I feel aligned, lighter, and clearer.


The Akashic Records sessions showed me I have a vision, dreams, goals that matter. This isn't little shit. This isn't just about me. This is about fucking humanity and I want to be that radical, loud, compassionate, strong, boss ass woman who chases my vision into reality. To manifest my hopes for the planet. For the lifestyle that is my birthright and my human right. I am laying the template for humanity to follow. I will do amazing things. By building my personal relationship with the land and Spirit, it will radiate outwards so bright, it'll be infectious, unavoidable, and sanctuary for others. I want to heal Now. To prepare myself for greatness without extra weight. To feel free and held by the universe. I want to feel independent and powerful and secure. I want to express myself without restraint. To build and experience community. Built on LOVE. Sisterhood. Purity. Oneness. Truth.



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