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A 12-week group course starting in December of 2020. 

Designed to bring you home to YOU.

This course is exactly what I offer in my 1:1 Sanctuary Program, however it is a group offering which makes it more accessible to all.

I'm so pumped on this because man, 2020 has been a BEAST! This year taught us how to be victims, it taught us about death and loss, it showed us how to navigate the fear of unknown and global ambiguity. This year was a transformational hell realm for all of us. And I'd like to finish this year feeling stronger than ever, grounded and empowered in my strongest intentions for clarity, direction and courage to move forward and make 2021 the greatest year of our lives. 

My goal with the SANCTUARY GROUP is to foster a small community of support where we can consciously, mindfully and intentionally move into year 2021together while following the six chapters of wisdom that are held within the Sanctuary Program. 

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So what can you expect in


This program is based off of a six chapter program that is an intuitive exploration of the energy centers, also known as chakras and all the wisdom that they hold for us. Through these six chapters, expect to commit to a daily meditation practice, energy mastery practice, affirmation work and journaling assignments. 

Every other week, you'll receive a little video from me that goes over the course work in one of the six chapters we'll be covering in this program. Each chapter is based off of an energy center or, chakra. These teachings will be centered around utilizing the wisdom of each energy center as a tool to improve your life and step into a fuller embodiment of your highest Self.

Through these chapters you can expect to learn: 

  1. Grounding meditation, earthing and creating Sanctuary at home. Exploring your sense of security, stability and pride in your tribe and nationality.

  2. Expressing your creativity, your sexuality and finding financial clarity in your stories around money, power and magnetism. Learn how victim consciousness keeps us playing small and turn the fire up on your inner Sovereignty.  

  3. Confidence, getting into your body, finding a deeper self-love for the amazing human that you are. Trusting in yourself, knowing your worth and shining your light bright and proud for everyone to see.  

  4. Focus on the heart chakra and healing the wounds of the heart through training and mastering my Metta practice and forging into a lifelong practice of forgiveness, compassion and loving-kindness.

  5. Speaking authentically and truthfully. Being a human of your word. Learn vocal toning and the importance of sound vibrations. Align with your own integrity and foster a sense of discipline with yourself and your highest values. 

  6. The last chapter is all about the vision, the knowing, the standing tall as a lighthouse as you activate your gifts and express your fullest embodiment. Your dreams will be bigger, your belief in yourself will span farther than your consciousness can fathom and you'll not only have a sanctuary within - you'll feel a LIBERATION from the old ways of suffering and being. You'll step fully into your new self, your higher self and have a battalion of tools to support you down this path after our time ends together. 

Your path into ascension after this course - it's all up to you. 

At the start of each chapter, you can expect a video from me in your email inbox that will be stashed with 

  • A custom guided meditation for that week's chapter. 

  • An intuitive explanation of that week's chakra focus. 

  • Affirmation homework that will illuminate where to focus YOUR inner work.

  • Journaling prompts that will foster your self-exploration and creation of sanctuary within yourself.

  • All my favorite resources from books to podcasts, articles to documentaries and even some teachings from some of my favorite guides!


We will be setting the container for a warm, loving and supportive space through Zoom. Expect to meet six times over the span of three months. That will be about two calls per month where we can come together to discuss the course work, offer support and space to share and practice presence with one another. In these group calls you can expect to experience a group Self-Healing Training and a group Akashic Records reading. We'll also have a group Whats App to connect through during the times we are not together. This is going to be an amazing Sanctuary we are creating together! 


I have space for 12 lovely souls to join this course starting in the first week of December and ending in February. 

Investment for this course is $650. I offer three payment plans. 

1. One payment $650 paid in full upfront. 

2. Two payments of $330, first payment made as a deposit, second payment made after six weeks. 

3. Three payments of $230, first payment made as a deposit, other two payments made at the start of the month. 

This investment includes a private 1:1 session with me.

Upgrade to any private session with me at any time for only $55. 

*The first three souls to sign up and pay their deposit will receive a free private Akashic Records Reading with me!

Are you reading these words feeling your heart pounding with excitement?? Does joining this group feel like a HELL YES to you???

Here are you next steps: 

Schedule a free discovery call with me, I can answer and and all questions you have and we'll make sure we're vibing with each other. 

Then, I'll send you a New Journey Form to get you started on the deep dive of this process! As the group comes together, I will announce official dates for meetings over zoom! 

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"Overall, I am loving this program that is motivating me more than I ever have been. I feel encouraged and excited to really commit to this right now and it's such a different experience that doing some of these practices every now and again. Super excited to continue and for our session tomorrow! I started writing a list of things I want to heal from, forgive myself for, things like that and WOW it was insane how once I wrote one or two things down they just kept coming. Things that I don't take the time to acknowledge because it's painful or I feel shame."

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