1:1 Mentoring

My most transformative offering:

1:1 Mentoring with me SANCTUARY: my 12-week Spiritual Development program. This transformational journey is only for those who are serious about working with me to expand and evolve themselves as we walk the path of spirit together. 

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Akashic Records Reading

Find clarity, guidance and wisdom through the Akash:

Explore the wisdom that is held in your Akashic Records - your personal library of your souls' past, present and future lifetimes. These readings are for providing clarity around confusing issues that may come up in your life, your work, your relationships and even your ancestry and past lives. This modality of intuitive healing will not only bring incredible clarity to whatever is on your mind right now, but it is also massively healing in each moment that we surrender to the unconditional love and compassion that the Master, Teachers and Loved Ones have for us. 

Book a sessions: 60 minutes 

Reiki Healing

Deep relaxation and energy healing:

Reiki energy facilitates the healing of emotional of physical wounds, as well as restoring your vital energy and releasing old densities that no longer serve you. Reiki energy is simply the healing energy of the universe that I harness and channel through my body into yours. This practice takes us much deeper than any three-dimensional healing facilitation can go. It will leave you feeling incredibly rested, refreshed and ready for what's next. As of right now, I am only seeing in-person Reiki clients by appointment. 

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Virtual Self Healing Reiki 

While I'm all about remote Reiki Healing, I believe that one of the most important aspects of the Reiki practice is learning intuitive touch and caring for oneself. That is why I created Self-Healing Sessions - I take you through my very own personal Self-Healing Reiki practice that includes breath work, visualization, meditation and of course, hands-on energy healing. This practice is recommended for intermediate to advanced meditators who are ready to upgrade their self-care. Your first session will be basics of self-healing. Each session becomes more advanced as you master these skills which is why I offer a special four-session package so that you can really commit to your own energy mastery.
Book a session: 60 minutes

Private Guided Meditation Experiences

Guidance & Inspiration

Guiding meditation is easily where my genius lies. I've been teaching meditation for four years and one of my favorite things has become facilitating deep group experiences. Want to go into deep relaxation? Learn visualization? Or simply learn basic meditation techniques that will change your life? I'm your girl. You can book 1:1 Guided Meditation with me privately, or hire me to facilitate and experience with your group! 

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