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My 12-week Spiritual Development Program

Ready to create a Sanctuary for yourself in this life?

I see you, you're here because you are looking for MORE. 
You know that life can be so much more MAGICAL, JUICY and VIBRANT then what you've been experiencing in your current life. 

Perhaps you are barely scratching the surface of your spiritual awakening - or you woke up long ago and you've been on this path - and you're ready for a serious upgrade. 

Wherever you are at on your journey, this program was tailor-made for you. 

This program is exactly what I wish someone were offering back when I started my spiritual journey. I was HUNGRY for something more. I couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what I wanted, but I was looking everywhere for someone to just show me the way into a better, more spiritual existence. 

Well my love, I'm so glad you've found me. I've been calling you in to work with me! Because it is my dream and my honor to share this work with you. 

Master your Meditation Practice

My first promise in this program is that you will indefinitely master your meditation practice. Whether you're just starting our or you are a seasoned meditator, there is so much room for expansion and growth in your practice. 

In this program you will receive 8 guided meditations, all different, all crafted for different reasons and experiences that you so crave. You will be crafting your own meditative rituals to practice everyday during our time together as I guide you and you'll grow into your own as an expert meditator and guide for others. 

The best part - all of these guided meditations are yours to keep FOREVER!

Receive the gift of Energy Healing

In this program, you will receive trainings on my signature Reiki Self-Healing Practice. This type of session combines my skills of remote Reiki Healing with your own intuitive touch and connection to your own body and energy. Not only do these sessions take you into a deeply relaxing meditation, but also they will foster your own skills of energy healing for yourself and someday, others! 

Learning this modality of Energy Healing for yourself is one of the most nourishing tools that I can share for you to go deeper into yourself, your energy and ultimately creating a deeper connection to your body and spirit. 

Explore the magic of your Akashic Records

We will have sessions together where we open up the magical world of your Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records? Your soul's library of past, present and future lifetimes. I act as the channel for the Lords of your records and we ask your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones for guidance and clarity on any issues that are coming up in this life or past lives. This is where the big breakthroughs and the deepest of healing takes place. Everything is available to us in the realm of the Akashic Records.

During our time together in this program, you will have me at your disposal as your very own private Akashic Records Reader. 

Activate the Wisdom of your Chakra Centers

This program is aligned with my intuitive approach to our human energy centers, aka The Chakra System. 

If you want to come into full alignment, you need to know how the chakras work and how their wisdom influences your life! In this program, there are six chapters representing the first six energy centers of the body. Each chapter, we will focus on gleaning the wisdom that the specific chakra has to offer us so that we can shine light on your shadows and make big shifts into full alignment. Each chakra chapter will come with a specific guided meditation to activate that energy center and anchor you into full alignment. 

"If you want to change your life, you must wake up every single day and CHOOSE to make a change. No one else can do this for you."


Mountains in Clouds

The Process

12 weeks to complete re-alignment! 

This program is broken up into 6 Chapters and we will spend two weeks covering each chapter so that you have plenty of time to integrate and work through this process.

Chapter 1: Ground.

Chapter 2: Activate. 

Chapter 3: Embody. 

Chapter 4: Heal. 

Chapter 5: Align. 

Chapter 6: Awaken.

We will meet for one hour each week, first reviewing the content and assignments for the work, then going into the energetics of meditation, energy healing and reading your Akashic Records. 

This program is tailor-made for you so you get to make the calls of when you want a reading, when you want a healing session, and when you just want to talk through some things. 

Each week, the wisdom you receive will build upon last week's teachings as each chapter covers the basic's of the Chakra wisdom, affirmations to support your alignment, journaling prompts that shed light on where your inner-work lies and of course, other assignments, resources and activations that will upgrade your body into full alignment. 

*During these 12-weeks, I am fully available to you Monday-Friday through text, email or whatsapp. 

Image by Sage Friedman

Do you know how much can change in just three months? 

Are you ready to give yourself this amazing gift? 

Are you ready to commit to yourself in a way unlike anything you've done before? 

Are you ready to HONOR yourself and your value by making this amazing investment in your personal and spiritual growth? 

This program is a 3 month commitment where you can count on meeting with me at the same time, each week for one hour over Zoom. 

You will receive six chapters worth of life-changing content that is yours to keep and return to again and again any time you feel off track or out of alignment. 

8 Guided Meditation videos/audios.

55 journaling prompts that illuminate your highest self and the direction that your growth is headed in. 

Countless affirmations to keep you on track with your highest self. 

Around the clock support Monday-Friday with me through text, email or WhatsApp. 

The confidence and knowing that you are committed to your growth, to walking this path of spirit and knowing that you are ALWAYS supported. 

How do I get started??

Start the Sanctuary Application here where you will also book a time for us to have a free 15-minute call to meet, vibe it out and plan our time together! 

Are you ready to make the biggest quantum leap of your life? 

I'm so excited to play with you in this way! 


Meet your Guide


I'm Jane, your guide and spirit coach! I am a devoted Reiki healer who loves to play in the Akashic Records. As a meditation and yoga teacher as well, I am clearly passionate about bringing great transformation, awakening and healing to our human race on this planet. 

I work with driven visionaries who yearn to excavate their most authentic selves, unearth their intuitive gifts and live a life of true freedom. I walk alongside them as a trusted guide to support their healing and transformation on the path of spirit. 

My mission is to be the person that I needed back when I started this journey. To be a beacon for light, hope and unconditional love. My goal is to reduce suffering on this planet by sharing my message and my light proudly.

To read even more about my background, credentials and certifications, click here. 

Continue reading for more inspiration...

You're here because you know there's got to be more to this life then what you've been living. You're here because you yearn for a more awakened experience. You see other people that seem so happy and alive and you wonder, where did I go wrong? How can I have that? 

You're curious about the mystical and metaphysical. You want to learn more about the chakras and energy healing. You want to learn about reiki and the akashic records. Or perhaps, you just know that you have a deeply spiritual side that is hungry for exploration and understanding. 

I used to wake up every morning feeling anxious and depressed for the day ahead. I practiced yoga, I used healing crystals, I went to meditation groups and sound baths. I still continued to feel terribly depressed and in despair. I knew that there was a spiritual awakening available for me out there but I truly did not know who or where to find it. 

Honestly, I wish that someone like me was out there, offering a program like this to support me in finding that light in myself to awaken and emerge into new life. I spent 8 years on this journey to healing and I still walk the same path right here beside you. However, I don't want you to take 8 years to heal. I want to jump-start your experience now by showing you all the things that I wished I had access to when I started my journey. 

Which is precisely why I created the Sanctuary Program. I pulled all the most important keys and light-bulb moments into this 12-week transformational program to serve YOU on this journey into spirit. 

This program is highly accelerated and intensive. It was created for anyone who wants to go from struggle and suffering into sanctuary and liberation. With focus on the energy centers, quantum mechanics and thought-training practices, The Sanctuary Program helps us create a full inventory of your energetic system. By sharing my gifts of intuitive meditation, reiki energy healing and reading the akashic records, I give YOU the power to catalyze epic transformation within your self. I supply you with all the tools you could ever need to continue walking the path of liberation and awakening for the rest of your life. 

Are you ready to make the best decision of your life??? 

I'm in!! 

Pink Clouds

Investing in our mental health is more important than ever right now. How are you using this time to heal, transform and create the life of your dreams?

Yes, most of us are focused on our physical health in the wake of the pandemic but actually - it's our mental health that is really taking the toll from all this unknown, isolation, stress and adaptation to the new world.

With all this extra free time, I've been asking myself over and over again, how can I be of greater service to the world right now?

And of course as spirit will have it, my answers came when I wasn't even thinking about it. My answers came on one of those days where I was just feeling the lows of 2020 and all it encompasses. I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't want to cook breakfast or even meditate. Let's admit it, I just felt depressed for no reason except for every reason you see when you look at news headlines.

So, as any professional healing facilitator would do, I got out my journal and started asking myself what basic things I can do to pull myself out of this depression and get back to my most desired elevated emotions like excitement, bliss and joy.

Here's where the magic happened.

I started writing myself a list of goals and intentions for the day to get myself back on my feet. But when I finished writing my intentions for that day, the words just kept coming onto the page.  It was like my brain had a whole lot more to say than I was intellectually noticing. I had switch to my laptop so that I could get more words out faster. And pretty soon, I had created a complete six-chapter program to support not only myself, but my 1:1 clients during this unique time of quarantine. A program that can literally take you to depressed and in bed, to living the life of your wildest dreams. This program pretty much fell out of my mouth - or, my fingertips fully formed with absolutely no effort. And how was it that easy to create?

Because I've lived it.

This is my experience, eight years of wandering, struggling, suffering, traveling, looking for teachers, yearning for some spiritual connection and freedom from my depression. Now I've mastered it all into a concise, direct transformational program to share with everyone that I can possibly support.

I've said it many times before, my mission is to be the person that I needed back when I started this journey.

This program allows me to step fully into that role for you.

I am calling in four special souls to come on this journey with me. 

Are you one of those souls?

Do you know someone who could benefit from this program with me? 

Continue reading for the full details...

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